About ME

I am Rhyanne, a local Yoga teacher and Yoga Therapist. I live in Epping with my baby girl Indie and Fiance Antony.

I have been teaching yoga since 2013 and began my personal yoga journey some years before that. I am grateful to my teachers for sharing their wisdom and understanding of this ancient practise with me. It has provided me with a source of stability and grounding, something I believe that everyone can benefit from. It is been my students over the years that have inspired me to continue growing and learning as a teacher.

I am a qualified Yoga Therapist, having undertaken 500 hours study with The Minded Institute in London, an international leader in the field of Yoga Therapy.  The therapeutic approach blends both yogic and buddhist traditions with medical knowledge, neuroscience and psychology, to support those working with various physical and mental health conditions.

Mindful-Flow is what best describes my personal teaching method and a style that I have developed over my years of teaching. Mindful movement is the art of blending physical yoga postures alongside mindfulness practises in order to develop an awareness and connection to the body, mind and breath. This style emerged from long-term personal practise and exploration, and is what makes classes with Living Yoga different. For me there is much more depth to yoga, than just making beautiful looking shapes on a yoga mat !

Healthy alignment is a key feature of my classes, developing alignment in a way that gives each student the room to honour the uniqueness of their body rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Expect heartfelt teachings rooted in yogic philosophyasanapranayamameditation, nidra and deep relaxation practises. 

I hope to meet you one day on the mat.

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