ARE PRIVATE 1-2-1 YOGA SESSIONS RIGHT FOR YOU? Here are some of the main reasons people chose a 1-2-1 session over a group class...

  • Time to look after yourself? Do work commitments and a busy family life mean that you spend most of your day caring for others? A private session can be a 'treat' for you and a time to spend focusing on your own wellbeing. In our sessions we may include: candles, essential oils, restorative nourishing yoga postures for the body, simple breath work and meditation for the mind. Feel restored and taken care of.

  • Working with an Injury? Receive a personalised programme with an experienced Yoga Teacher who will work with care and sensitivity, empowering you to practise yoga, with safety and precision. 

  • Physical / psychological condition? Drawing on my training in Yoga Therapy I offer practises that are both scientifically researched and evidence-based to support wellbeing and promote self-care. I have experience in working with students who suffer with anxiety, insomnia, cancer, herniated disc, back pain, eating disorders.

  •  New to yoga? Learn the fundamentals of yoga at your own pace, in an environment you are familiar with and feel comfortable in.  

  • Family/time commitments? Take a class without having to leave your own home, no travel time, no queue for the shower. And at a time suited to your schedule.


What to expect :

I will come to you with all equipment needed for the session.

The first session will be 75 minutes long in order for some initial assessment and some paperwork to be completed.

You will receive a breathing practise at the beginning and end of the class to help demonstrate improvements.

Movement will be tailored to your requirements // more dynamic // more flowing // more restful etc.

The session will end with a full guided relaxation, with the options to include blankets, eye pillows, music, candles and essential oils.


  • First Session :  75 minutes  : £60 (includes time for paper work and all initial assessments)
  • 60 minute session : £50

(24 hour cancellation policy applies)

Individual 1-2-1 yoga practice with Rhyanne was awe inspiring. She really understands what you want and need and goes the extra mile. I would recommend her to anyone”
— Melinda, Hertfordshire
Rhyanne has a very calm, non judgemental and friendly approach to the sessions and she always leaves with me feeling positive and at ease. The private sessions have allowed me to connect in with my body more and listen to its needs and look at the postures in more depth along with learning ways to keep the mind as still as possible. I look forward to my private sessions every week and am so glad I found living yoga when I did
— Katie, Hertfordshire