Pre/Post Natal Yoga 

Yoga lends itself naturally to women during the pre and post-natal period, when there are so many changes taking place. By nature, yoga is a system of healing and self-care, it can provide us with tools to understand and tune into our bodies/minds. I teach pregnancy yoga and mum and baby classes in Epping, Essex. See below for more info.


Pregnancy Yoga

A friendly and informal class that uses yoga postures and breathing techniques, to support the body as you progress through each trimester. Classes include

-flowing sequences aimed at easing pregnancy-related discomforts such as lower back pain, cramp & sciatica. An introduction to simple and practical breathing techniques, that can be used during your pregnancy, labour (and beyond)! 

-an extended relaxation practice (yoga nidra) at the end of class that encourages rest, recuperation and time to spend connecting with the baby. (warm blankets and lavender eye pillows are provided for extra comfort! )

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MumMY & ME Yoga

Experience special time bonding with your baby, away from daily chores and distractions. Yoga postures are introduced with specific focus on postpartum healing. Gain a sense of well being and spend some time with other local mums in this fun, friendly and supportive mother and baby class.