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gift of the earth....

The DoTERRA essential oils have become a wonderful addition to our classes. Students are given the opportunity to receive natural, gentle support from the oils as they journey through their yoga practise. The oils can help to lift mood, increase focus, balance energy, offer a greater access to our bodies, or enter a deeper state of relaxation. As a Yoga Teacher, I am dedicated to providing a safe and healing space for you to practise in, somewhere you feel supported and cared for but also to empower you to listen to the needs of your body / mind. The DoTERRA essential oils enhance this concept of self care, are completely natural and of theraputic grade quality. I wouldnt be comfortable sharing any other brand of oil with my students, friends or family. 


Essential oils are aromatic compounds extracted from seeds, bark, flowers, fruits, stems and roots of a plant. The essential oil is what gives each plant its distinctive smell and more importantly acts as the plants defence system, which makes them incredibly powerful and healing.


1) Aromatically: breathe in with a deep inhale or you can use a diffuser

2) Topically: apply to the skin (bottoms of your feet/back of neck/temples) with coconut oil to act as a carrier

3) Internally: one drop in water or roof of the mouth to support overall health (some oils are not suitable to ingest check first)


Why DoTERRA oils?

Sourcing: DoTERRA source their oils from over 40 different countries,  carefully selecting farms where each specific plant thrives most. They do not cut corners on quality. If they cannot source the oil at its highest quality, they will not stock it at all. DoTERRA works directly with local farmers, teaching them improved growing techniques and offering many jobs to small communities. Watch this video to learn more about Co-Impact Sourcing.

Testing: DoTERRA has developed a rigorous testing process to ensure there are zero fillers, pesticides, synthetic ingredients or harmful contaminants. Any batch that does not meet the Certified Pure Therapuetic Grade is rejected. They guarantee the highest quality oil, every time. 

Home: Essential oils can offer a natural alternative to chemical & pharmaceutical products. Many of the oils have anti bacterial properties giving you plant-based and non-toxic methods to clean your home - safe for your family and the environment!

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