In 2015 following the earthquake that hit Nepal, we all watched as the numbers of injured and dying increased by the day. I had spent a few weeks in Nepal the year before so seeing the images of Durbar Square and Kathmandu Valley felt really surreal and even though it was hundreds of miles away, I couldn't help but want to somehow get involved. I decided to run a charity yoga class where proceeds would be donated to the D.E.C (disaster emergency comitee) to help the relief efforts in Nepal. Only briefly advertised the week before, I was totally overwhelmed to arrive to a room packed full of people, mat-to-mat! The busiest class I had taught at that venue to date, some people were unfortunately turned away as we had run out of mats and space!

The donation that we made as a group, was testiment to the power of community, and it was here that I decided to continue using yoga as a medium for support. I absolutely love being able to use yoga to promote physical and mental wellbeing in our community and feel very humbled to have worked with some very special local's in 2016! 


*One month Yoga Pass - Nominate a friend or family member that you think deserves to win 4 free yoga classes. Winners are announced at the beginning of every month!

*Family Yoga - Take some time out to spend bonding as a family, mums, dads, babies, toddlers & teens all welcome. Sign up to my newsletter for upcoming dates.

*Yoga Retreat - One person comes for FREE in every quaterly yoga retreat that I organise. Spend a whole day learning yogic practises and taking some time out for YOU!


This month Living Yoga will be supporting a local charity. £1 will be donated towards food donations, for every student that attends a class in December. This includes open classes and private sessions! The money collected will go towards helping families / individuals in crisis.

I will be taking our food donation to the Borehamwood Food Bank the week in between Christmas and New Year! If you cannot attend a yoga class but still want to help have a look of other ways you can get involved: